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dear Diane,

Thank you for sharing your objectives for professional training for Fidelity managers. It sounds as if the curated and thoughtful training you have developed has a lasting impact on all those in attendance. It would be an honor to contribute to that success. 

As promised, I have included the session description for self-care isn’t selfish. it is your duty: getting things done without coming undone. which we agreed is in alignment with your focus on time management, delegation, and prioritization. 

You will also find an overview of what you can expect when you invite me to speak as well as other relevant details for you to share with your team. As agreed, we will reconnect in a week to review but please know I am here to address any questions you may have in the meantime.

Diane, thanks again for your consideration. We always made a great team. I would be delighted to collaborate with you once more. 

keynote session

self-care isn’t selfish. it is your duty.

unapologetically getting things done without coming undone

You’ve heard the term “self-care.” You know you should prioritize it more. You add it to your offensively long to-do list, reassuring yourself that you will get to it, only to have it cascade to the very bottom again. You know you should make healthy decisions, and that your mental and physical health directly impacts your ability to get things done. 

Self-care feels like just one more thing to do and already you feel overwhelmed by a punishing list of tasks that you know will not get done. Deadline after deadline, meeting after meeting, tasks topple your bulging inbox and demand more and more from you. It is not doable and you know it. 

It’s time to learn how to leverage self-care and manage yourself better so you can manage your time better. You crave permission to say no to things that are not yours to own. Yu are far better at saying no to yourself than to anyone else. You might not know how to prioritize and everything feels important.

Katie McDonald believes it doesn’t have to be that way.

In Katie’s keynote and time management workshop,  self-care isn’t selfish. it is your duty: getting things done without coming undone you learn how to embrace self-care as a tool for greater productivity and then implement time-tested, proven time management strategies to empower you to know when to say no and to gain clarity about what warrants a hell, yes! 

No longer depleted, reactive, & resentful, you feel alive, deliberate & in control.

In Katie’s speech self-care isn’t selfish. it is your duty: unapologetically getting things done without coming undone., you’ll learn how to liberate yourself from destructive, self-sacrificing habits by being deLIBERATE in your life. This speech will challenge you to take action in your own life—immediately—and it’ll give you the tools you need to do it.

Taking care of you is taking care of business.  When you walk out of this speech, you’ll emerge refreshed, alive with purpose, and a contagious passion to advocate for yourself, delegate, and prioritize.

what they’re saying:​

“katie leaves attendees with renewed vigor and fierce determination to do something different tomorrow, leaving in her wake a sea of change agents ready to have an impact.”

carrie majewski | nexus

the experience: working with katie

“working with katie was incredibly easy… You can tell she’s truly trying to make an impact on the lives of those that she speaks to.”

michelle buettner
talent management & development partner, schneider electric, women in energy


I am on a mission to empower and inspire high achievers to rethink their relationship with self-care. Speaking is my way of disrupting the destructive message that taking care of ourselves is an obstacle to productivity.

I strive to understand your audience and customize the presentation to ensure the impact is immediate and lasting.

I do the following:

  • customize the presentation
  • rehearse for 10+ hours
  • make myself available for an interview for a blog post or podcast
  • provide an event promotion video 

Unlike many speakers, I prefer to stay the full day whenever possible. I know that when attendees have the chance to interact with keynote speakers, they can ask the burning questions that might have gone unsaid. They feel seen, heard, and understood.

I share your commitment to making these events memorable so let’s brainstorm about what I can do to enhance the experience for your audience.
Some ideas to maximize my time while there might include:

  • a breakout session
  • an extended Q&A
  • a cocktail hour or breakfast
  • presence at a VIP lunch table
  • panel participation
  • office hours

Please feel free to make any other suggestions for us to consider.

If you are like most event organizers, you are understandably depleted after a big event. Let me help by making sure you have the necessary assets to ensure your event follow-up is easy, fun, and memorable.

Within one day of the event’s conclusion, I will provide any of the following:

  • a link to the presentation deck to share with every attendee
  • a short reminder video to inspire attendees to pause and implement one thing they learned
  • a “homework” assignment to keep them engaged and committed to the mindset of self-care and productivity
  • a podcast or blog post interview about the event
  • a follow-up telepresence session a few months after the event


Email any questions that arise to:

next steps

I am available to jump on a call with you and your team to brainstorm about how to magnify the impact of this training.

Please share your thoughts when you have a moment.

So excited to potentially work together again, Diane. 

about katie mcdonald

Over two decades ago, the demands of Katie McDonald’s corporate career occupied her every waking moment. She was left feeling depleted and depressed—suffering from spiraling mental and physical health crises that threatened her life.

Left with no choice but to transform her body-mind relationship, Katie abandoned her corporate job and finally started applying her knowledge of self-care, alternative health, and plant-based nutrition.

Since then, Katie has been on a revitalizing journey of lifelong self-care.

Fully recovered from years of self-neglect, Katie now helps fellow doers embrace self-care so they can do more and be more while leading healthier, more intentional, and more nourished lives.

Katie leads with tough love to inspire, empower, and challenge audiences. She dispels the destructive myth that self-care is an obstacle to productivity and teaches that self-care is, in fact, a tool to create a more powerful and impactful legacy.


mediocrity is

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